Under the Transparency Code, from April 2015 smaller authorities, including town and parish councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 are required to publish the following information online:

  • All items of expenditure above £100
  • End of year accounts
  • Annual governance statement
  • Internal audit report
  • List of councillor or member responsibilities
  • The details of public land and building assets
  • Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings


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Download: Parish Profile (395 KB) Download: 2020-2021-Finance-Documents (4 MB) Download: APPROVED-Co-Option-policy-July-2021 (163 KB) Download: APPROVED Complaints policy July 2021 (166 KB) Download: APPROVED-Co-option-person-spec-and-application-July-2021 (109 KB) Download: APPROVED Equal Ops policy July 2021 (154 KB) Download: APPROVED Grant application July 2021 (153 KB) Download: APPROVED Grant Awarding Policy July 2021 (181 KB) Download: APPROVED Health & Safety policy July 2021 (161 KB) Download: APPROVED Scheme of Delegation July 2021 (139 KB) Download: Internal Control Policy May 2021 (114 KB) Download: Model Financial Regs May 2018 (390 KB) Download: Model Standing Orders 2018 (England) (291 KB) Download: Review of effectiveness of internal audit May 2021 (71 KB) Download: Risk assessment doc May 2021 (128 KB) Download: 2021 Approved Policies & Statements (743 KB)





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