Cllr. Brian Edgeley


Brian and his wife moved to Firsdown in November 2000.

He was co-opted to the Parish Council in September 2007 and quickly became involved in the maelstrom of the Core Strategy of the area at that time and finds work on the Parish Council a good challenge for the little grey cells.

Cllr. Mel Bishop

Vice Chairman

Melanie comes from the nearby village of Whiteparish where she spent all her childhood.

Now a resident of Firsdown, Melanie is married with two children and is passionate about keeping the green spaces and surrounding countryside that benefits our parish. The whole family feel fortunate to live in such a lovely place.

As a Parish Councillor Melanie is prepared to take on board concerns and ideas from residents in order to maintain Firdown’s attractions.

Cllr. Helen Edgeley

Parish Councillor

Helen was elected to the Firsdown PC in May 2013. She has lived in Firsdown since November 2000 and having two dogs has got to know a great many residents.

Along with her husband, Helen has been involved in many local events, the Firsdown Musical Events Group in particular, for which she has acted as secretary.

Having fully integrated into the community Helen is confident she understands and can fulfil the needs of Firsdown’s parishioners.

Cllr. Len Simcock

Parish Councillor

Len was born in Worcester and moved to Firsdown over forty-five years ago and has a Parish Councillor for fifteen years.

His passion is sailing but he still manages to carry out running repairs and other Parish tasks that may arise.
Len appreciates the surrounding countryside, enjoys the walks and is happy to play a part in it’s maintenance.

Cllr. Mike Villis

Parish Councillor

Mike was born in Bristol and moved to Firsdown with his wife and three children eighteen years ago and believes it is a great place to live having maintained it’s natural beauty.

Mike became a Parish Councillor in March 2009 and will endeavour to help maintain and improve the community spirit that became apparent when all residents came under threat in 2008 of being changed into a new satellite town of Salisbury.

Cllr. Simon Brown

Parish Councillor

Simon has been a resident of Firsdown since 2008 having moved into the area from Hampshire, and was previously on the Parish Council. He has been involved in a variety of local issues such as the campaign for better broadband and believes strongly in the community working together to improve the quality of life for all in Firsdown.

Hobbies and interests include being a competent diy-er, (his own property and that of friends/relatives!) as well as car mechanics – the restoration and rebuild of a Land Rover, the 2nd since he has been in Firsdown, is underway.