Winterslow Village Hall Tennis Court – Announcement May 2020

The most recent Government guidance for England has relaxed measures related to the playing of tennis. On a clarification of this advice,

the Village Hall Executive Committee and the Tennis sub-
Committee has agreed to re-open the Hall Tennis court with effect from Wednesday 13th May.

The Government has laid down certain restrictions, which if breached, will lead to penalties ranging from
a starting point of £100, rising to a maximum of £3600. Therefore, all players must agree to, and adhere
to, strict rules of play which are as follows:
Singles can only be played between members of the same household (living together not
visiting) or between two individuals from different households. If from different households,
please maintain a safe distance and use opposite sides of the tennis court when changing ends.
Doubles can only be played providing all are members of the same household.
A disinfection regime will be in place and must be followed for padlock, gate handle, net handles,
net measuring point and distancing must be responsibly applied.
The use of the court will be restricted to Members of the Club only.
Non-members wishing to play will need to contact Sandra Cassells on 01980 862785 or email
The previous open booking and key arrangement remains suspended and will not be available
unless the Government removes all remaining restrictions.
All players will be required to confirm, in writing, their acceptance and understanding of the rules,
their adherence to them, and their agreement to accept any fines imposed by authorised official
bodies (e.g. Police) in the event of personal non-compliance or deliberate breach of these
The Village Hall committees reserve the right to reclose the court in the event of a reversal or change in
Government policy, or in the event of any persistent breach of the rules.
We are pleased these limited relaxations will enable vital exercise and enjoyment of Tennis to resume.
Please do ensure rules are followed.

The Village Hall Executive Committee and Tennis Club sub-Committee