SID ( Speed Indicator Device)

The information/data below and attached has been downloaded from the “NEW” permanent Speed Indicator sign in the village, it provides a useful guide to the average and excessive speed of vehicles traveling through Firsdown 

For the first 4 weeks, the incoming direction is towards the A30, and for the next 3 weeks until today (15th October 2021), the incoming is towards Great Croft.

The headlines are:

1.      Max (depending on direction) average speed is 28.61mph (slightly lower than for the other SID locations).

2.      Max speed is 64/71 mph depending on direction. We have seen similar speeds on the other SID. Our SID will detect vehicles as far as the farm gate position, around house 120 Firs Rd, in the A30 direction.

3.      There are some vehicles coming round the bend from Great Croft at over 60mph. Although this seems to be mostly evening time, on 16th Sept a vehicle was logged coming from the Great Croft direction at 65.52mph at 1346 in the afternoon.

4.      85% of vehicles are traveling under 33mph.

5.      Approximately 65 vehicles per hour pass the sign in either direction.


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Download: Firs Road SID 280821_151021 (881 KB)