Monarch’s Way Association

The “Monarch’s Way” Association is very pleased to thank everyone involved in this superb result. Especially and in no particular order Nick Cowan (Wiltshire Rights of Way). Also the Firsdown Footpath Group who have not only been working very very hard to ensure the route is clear in this area but have pushed for these improvements to take place.

The “Monarch’s Way” Association promotes the 625 mile Historical Monarch’s Way, which is the escape route of King Charles II after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The route starts in Worcester and continues to its end at Shoreham near Brighton where King Charles II escaped in a little ship to France

Promotion is much easier when we are confident that the route is safe for all our members

I walked that section before the changes had been made and it was dangerous, the photographs show how much safer it is now.

Huge congratulations and our very sincere thanks to everyone involved

Very Best Wishes

John Tennant
General Manager The Monarch’s Way Association