Wiltshire Council has frozen the clearing, repairing and maintaining budget, of the county’s 3600 miles of Rights of Way with the exception where there is a danger to life and limb.

FIRSDOWN now have a small group of volunteers to clear and maintain our paths. We receive some support from Wiltshire and Firsdown Parish Council funds.

Our paths group are steadily implementing a programme of clearing, waymarking and signing the few Rights of Way in the parish.



Recent improvements include the provision of steps when crossing the A30 on Monarchs Way carried out by Wiltshire Council Rights of Way department.

The main work involving volunteers from the group once signing, waymarking posts are completed is clearing the paths and filling in any boggy stretches of the walk with planings (scalpings).

We rarely spend more than a few hours at a time working on the paths and the more volunteers we that can help us the quicker it gets done. If you are interested in joining us please email your contact details at or phone Nigel on 862469