Firsdown Circular Walk

Firsdown Circular Walk starts at the easterly end of Firs Road furthest form the A30. Suggested parking is in Firs Road,  not on the pavement please, or alternatively in a side road.

There is a finger post indicating Roman Road right angles to Firs Road at the extreme east end of Firs Road. The path from Firs Road takes you on to the Roman Road. Head west into the woods at the end of the field. At the brow of the hill there is shorter alternative circular walk where you can turn right across a well marked path taking you back into the top end of Firs Road. Continuing the Firsdown circular walk – At the next junction turn right down the bridleway then left across a stile to follow the path down a dip with fencing on both sides and up to cross the A30. Keep dogs on lead once through the metal gate as there is livestock in the paddock.

The A30 crossing is extremely busy with fast moving traffic and we suggest crossing the road one person at a time. Up the bank, through the kissing gate and continue up to Figsbury Rings. A stile takes you into the rings. This hill fort has an outer ditch and mound with a second inner ditch which dates the monument as earlier than many of the hill forts in the area. Return along the path back, across the A30 and beyond the phone mast on your left to the point mentioned earlier where you can turn left and cross a cultivated field to come out at the top of Firs Road. Then back along the pavement to the start point.