30mph speed limit sign

SID ( Speed Indicator Device)

The information/data below and attached has been downloaded from the “NEW” permanent Speed Indicator sign in the village, it provides a useful guide to the average and excessive speed of vehicles traveling through Firsdown 

For the first 4 weeks, the incoming direction is towards the A30, and for the next 3 weeks until today (15th October 2021), the incoming is towards Great Croft.

The headlines are:

1.      Max (depending on direction) average speed is 28.61mph (slightly lower than for the other SID locations).

2.      Max speed is 64/71 mph depending on direction. We have seen similar speeds on the other SID. Our SID will detect vehicles as far as the farm gate position, around house 120 Firs Rd, in the A30 direction.

3.      There are some vehicles coming round the bend from Great Croft at over 60mph. Although this seems to be mostly evening time, on 16th Sept a vehicle was logged coming from the Great Croft direction at 65.52mph at 1346 in the afternoon.

4.      85% of vehicles are traveling under 33mph.

5.      Approximately 65 vehicles per hour pass the sign in either direction.


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Download: Firs Road SID 280821_151021 (881 KB)
grass silage harvest transport

Grass Cutting (Roman Road-BOAT)

Grass cutting in the field known as the BOAT/Roman Road has been delayed due to fuel shortages, but we are now hoping that the field will be cut in the two weeks following the 22nd of October, Winter hedge cutting is also being scheduled ( Hedge cutting season runs to the 28th February )


Firsdown Parish Council ( Picnic Bench )

Firsdown Parish Council would like to know your opinion regarding installing  a Picnic Bench in or on a newly extended part of the Children’s Play Area ( Park )

We would like you to click on the  link underneath and simply answer one of three questions

Please do take the time to answer our survey your response is important to us

Thank you


drawing colored house plan conceptn pencil concept 151418852

Firsdown Parish Council ( Extra-Ordinary Planning Meeting ) Thursday 16th September

RE: 6 Firs Road Firsdown SP5 1SF: Consultation – PL/2021/07895

There will be an Extra-Ordinary Planning Meeting to be held at Winterslow Village Hall

Below is a link to the relevant planning page – click on the Documents tab for the full suite of documents


The meeting is in the Main Hall from 19:00 – 21:00, “All Are Welcome”



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Download: Agenda Ex Ord Sept 2021 (116 KB) Download: DRAFT Ex Ord FPC Minutes Sept 2021 (83 KB) Download: Appendix to EX Ord FPC Minutes Sept 2021 (202 KB)

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Firsdown Parish COuncil

We need a new Parish Councillor —could you be the one?
YOU could help keep Firsdown Parish a vibrant, good place to live.
YOU could be in at the ‘grass roots’ helping make things happen.
YOU could get views about local issues brought to the attention of the powers that be.
You need to give up just six evenings per year – in return, you will receive the satisfaction of helping our community.
Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and a British subject or a citizen of the Commonwealth or European Union and must satisfy at least one of the following:
• be a local government elector for the Parish of Idmiston.
• have, during the whole of the previous 12 months, occupied land, or other property in the parish, either as owner or tenant
• have, during the whole of the previous 12 months, had your principal or only place of work in the parish.
• have resided in the parish during the whole of the previous 12 months.
The Parish Council normally meets on the first Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 7.15 pm in Winterslow Village Hall

See attached documents for more information


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Download: Gen Haig We need you Firsdown Election notice July 2021 (114 KB) Download: APPROVED Co-Option policy July 2021 (163 KB) Download: APPROVED Co-option person spec and application July 2021 (109 KB)

Are you interested in becoming a Community Journalist?


Is looking to build a team of community journalists – could this include you?

There is no requirement for experience, they can help with any skills and equipment you may need. All you require is an interest in what is happening locally around you and a willingness to learn.


They will be running regular workshops for everything involved including:

  • Web Publishing and Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • MS Office 365 (Work, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Writing for Journalism
  • Legal workshops
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Lighting
  • Audio Recording
  • Video/Audio Editing
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Social Media

We are looking for people interested in reporting on the following topics:

  • News
  • Sport
  • Entertainment & Arts
  • Local History
  • Lifestyle
  • Opinion

If you are interested in finding out more, please go to www.mysalisbury.co.uk/get-involved or email


fire engine

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service are looking to partner with individuals and organisations who are in contact with or visit vulnerable people across Wiltshire to provide referrals into our Safe and Well Teams. The attached leaflet sets out why referrals are important to DWFRS, some risk factors to look out for, and how to make a referral to us. Early intervention with at-risk vulnerable people allows us to prevent fire deaths and serious injuries caused by fire.

Our Safe and Well Visits are completely free of charge. We supply and install free smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms. We also provide fire retardant bedding, spray, extension leads, heater loans, arson-proof letterboxes, and deaf alerts where required.  We have several resources on our website and the following links provide some more information on what a Safe and Well Visit is together with the option to make a referral.


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Download: SnW CHARLIE A5 4 Page Leaflet Jun21 WEB (2 MB)

Wiltshire Recycling Centres

Wiltshire Council household recycling centres ending booking system to return to non-booked visits only

Wiltshire Council is ending its online booking system for visits to its household recycling centres (HRCs), so people will soon be able to return to visiting a site during normal opening hours on an ad hoc basis.

Wiltshire Council is ending its online booking system for visits to its household recycling centres (HRCs), so people will soon be able to return to visiting a site during normal opening hours on an ad hoc basis.

These changes will come into effect from the date that the Government confirms social distancing requirements will be ended, currently proposed to be 19 July, and will be subject to any public health requirements at that time.

The council will plan for the online HRC booking system to stop taking new bookings the week before the return to non-booked visits, so if social distancing restrictions are eased from 19 July, the council will stop taking bookings from 12 July.

Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Waste, said: “The HRC online booking system was always intended to be a temporary measure, so we could manage the number of people on site at any one time to ensure effective social distancing to keep staff and residents safe.

“We have listened to residents who have shared their concerns about the booking system, and coinciding with the further lifting of national COVID restrictions, we’ve decided to remove it.

“In the next month, so long as Government restrictions are eased and public health guidance allows, people will be able to attend their chosen site at a time of their choosing without needing to book a slot online.

“In order to ensure a smooth transition, and so long as the Government confirms that social distancing will be ended nationally, on 12 July the online booking system will stop taking new bookings, and on 19 July, visits without a booking will resume.

“If the Government decides not to end all restrictions on this date, the dates for returning HRCs to non-booked visits will also change, and we will update with more information on this as soon as we are able to provide confirmation.

“It’s possible that the updated public health guidance may still require some restrictions to HRC operations to keep everyone safe, and we will also confirm this closer to the time.

“I’d like to thank the public for their understanding during these challenging times, and as lockdown continues to be eased and restrictions are lifted, we can now look forward to making it easier for people to visit our HRCs.”

There are ten HRCs in Wiltshire; each site has different opening times and some can take different types of waste, so people are advised to check opening times and what they can take to their local HRC before setting off. There may be queuing at peak times.

For more information and opening times, go to Household recycling centres (HRCs).


How to make suggestions for improved or enhanced bus services in Wiltshire

On 15 March this year the government published “Bus Back Better” a national bus strategy for England, which outlines ambitious reform of how bus services are planned and delivered.
The strategy will deliver better bus services for passengers across England, through ambitious and far-reaching reform of how services are planned and delivered. It will make buses:
• more frequent
• more reliable
• easier to understand and use
• better co-ordinated
• cheaper.

Refer to the attached file for more information

Note the deadline for your comment is Wednesday 14th July 2021


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Download: Briefing_Note_21-08_Enhancement_of_Bus_Services_June_2021 (191 KB)
illustration of a meeting

Do You Need Help to complete the 2021 Census?

Get help from the Census Support Centre on 0800 141 2021

See attached leaflet for more details


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do you need help to complete the census a4 english 1 Download: do you need help to complete the census a4 english 1 (257 KB)

do you need help to complete the census a4 english 1