New Boundary Commission Review

The Parish Council has made one formal response and will be submitting a further response, residents are encouraged to submit their own views and opinions to the consultation via the following link, More information was supplied in a recent leaflet drop to all homes in Firsdown.


Openreach has now fully commissioned the 2nd broadband cabinet in the village. Residents who have not yet upgraded to an FTTC service (which is delivered over their telephone line), should contact their Internet Service Provider to order an FTTC service. Residents in Firs Close are able to order the superior FTTP service (a new fibre line is run to the property) and this type of service is also available to some properties on Firs Rd between Ilynton Ave and Firs Close.

Virgin Media

Contractors will start to install underground ducting for cabling for Virgin Media, from the end of June until mid-August. Works will be mostly in pavements but will include some road crossings and also verge work (i.e. Firs Rd). Underground chambers and equipment cabinets will also be constructed.

Firsdown Children’s Play Area ( Update ) March 2019

Previously mentioned Dec 2017 the Parish Council is planning to replace the roundabout with an improved version, also suitable for use by those with disabilities, The basketball hoop is planned to be removed and replaced with a new rope climbing frame/clamber net.



SID Speed Indicator Sign

The Parish Council are discussing a metrocount ( Rubber wires across the road to monitor traffic speeds through Firsdown  ) the last such test was carried out some five years ago, this may lead onto talks regarding the installation of an active Speed Indicator Sign.

Discover your Mobile Library

Mobile Library

The library visits Firsdown every 28 days at two venues in Firsdown and every 14 days at Winterslow Village Hall.

Firsdown Great Croft:  1135 to 1150 and top post box Firs Road 1155 to 1210.

Winterslow: 1330 to 1615.

Firsdown residents may prefer to use Winterslow because of the extended hours.

Next visit to all three sites, Tuesday 2 April.


The Mobile Library stops
on Tuesdays at
Firsdown, Great Croft




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Mobile Library

Community Policing Update

Attached Report for:

Alderbury, Clarendon, Firsdown, Grimsteads, Landford, Laverstock, Ford, Old Sarum, Pitton & Farley, West Dean, Winterslow


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Download: Alderbury rural Parish report Jan 19 (44 KB)

Broadband – Update provided by Councillor Simon Brown

Work by Openreach to provide additional capacity at the “Green Cabinet”  Ilynton Avenue ( A 2nd cabinet is due to be installed )  starts in ( Openreach have now rescheduled the upgrade work to start in mid –January 2019). However, there is usually a 4-6 month period following installation, before the cabinet is available for service, as the copper lines need to be transferred, fibre and mains power connected, and the cabinet commissioned. Once the new cabinet is in service, those households on the waiting list for FFTC services will be able to place an order.


Virgin Media has been in contact with the Parish Council to identify the local landowners so that the cable route into Firsdown can be planned. Locations for their cabinets (much smaller than for Openreach) have been identified. Construction work is due to start in the spring, with service planned to be available for order, towards the end of 2019.

Volunteer Conservation Days

Hazel Hill Wood

The Conservation Group at Hazel Hill-Wood would love to hear from you

For more information see the attached flyer or scan the QR code

Warm & Safe Wiltshire

Do you struggle to keep your home warm or worry how you will afford your energy bills this winter?

For free, impartial advice about keeping warm in your home

Contact Warm & Safe Wiltshire a service provided by Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council in partnership with “The Centre for Sustainable Energy and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire service ”

Call 0800 038 5722


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Great news – from 30 July you’ll be able to recycle even more!

From 30th July you can recycle:



In addition to plastic bottles and cardboard, you will be able to put yogurt pots, plastic trays, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs and juice cartons in your blue bin.

Please rinse and squash your recycling where possible.

Plastic films and black plastic cannot be recycled.