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Community Policing Update

Attached Report for: Alderbury, Clarendon, Firsdown, Grimsteads, Landford, Laverstock, Ford, Old Sarum, Pitton & Farley, West Dean, Winterslow

Broadband – Update provided by Councillor Simon Brown

Work by Openreach to provide additional capacity at the “Green Cabinet”  Ilynton Avenue ( A 2nd cabinet is due to be installed )  starts in ( Openreach have now rescheduled the upgrade work to start in mid –January 2019). However, there is usually a 4-6 month period following installation, before the cabinet is available for service, as […]

Firsdown Paths Group

Wiltshire Council has frozen the clearing, repairing and maintaining budget, of the county’s 3600 miles of Rights of Way with the exception where there is a danger to life and limb.

FIRSDOWN now have a small group of volunteers to clear and maintain our paths.


Since the last Firsdown Council Meeting in April the following has been completed The bridleway crossing the Roman Road beyond Gorden Peters bungalow has been cleared westward at Gordon’s request and eastward to the point where the Monarchsway turns left into the field, near the Mobile Phone Mast. The Monarchsway footpath down the dip and […]

Clarendon Way Walk

Firsdown  is only a couple of miles from the  famous Clarendon Way walk, a 24 mile walk joining the two Wessex cities of Winchester and Salisbury crossing the Test Valley between Kings Somborne and Houghton. It starts beside the waters of the Itchen in the heart of Winchester and ends near the Avon at Salisbury […]

Monarch’s Way Association

The “Monarch’s Way” Association is very pleased to thank everyone involved in this superb result. Especially and in no particular order Nick Cowan (Wiltshire Rights of Way). Also the Firsdown Footpath Group who have not only been working very very hard to ensure the route is clear in this area but have pushed for these […]

Firsdown Circular Walk

Firsdown Circular Walk starts at the easterly end of Firs Road furthest form the A30. Suggested parking is in Firs Road,  not on the pavement please, or alternatively in a side road. There is a finger post indicating Roman Road right angles to Firs Road at the extreme east end of Firs Road. The path […]