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Management of Byway grass, and cutting of south/stock field hedge

In order to promote the diversity of flora and fauna, the Parish Council will keep the majority of the Byway grass uncut for 2022. We will however cut 2 narrow, straight paths along the entire length of the byway on the north and south sides. Weather permitting, these will be cut in May and again […]

Picnic Bench Survey

The results from the recent survey by the Parish Council on whether to provide a picnic bench on the land south of Firs Road, commonly known as the Byway, are as follows. Option 1 – Not in Favour. 20% Option 2 – Bench outside the play area. 53% Option 3 – Bench inside an extended […]

Parish Profile 2022

The Parish Council is seeking residents’ views on updating the Parish Profile which was generated in 2013. Are there any areas that you think need updating or do you think there new areas that need to be added? If so, please send your views to the Parish Council using the contact us details on the website. […]

Planning Application 6 Firs Road

The planning application for the development and provision of public open space on land at 6 Firs Road, has been updated. The Parish Council encourages residents to provide their views to Wiltshire Council. The consultation closes on 30/01/22. Details are here: https://development.wiltshire.gov.uk/pr/s/planning-application/a0i3z000016EKIV/pl202107895

Speed Indicator Device ( Top of Firs Road ) December 2021

Data Retrieved from the sign between 4th and 16th December 2021 The graph below shows the average speeds over a 12 day period Incoming represents cars from the A30 driving into Firsdown Outgoing is leaving Firsdown toward the A30     Incoming Outgoing Incoming Outgoing Average speed (mph) 24.55 26.49 Max recorded speed (mph) 49.0 […]

CTSW-Community Transport South Wiltshire

CTSW is an established Salisbury charity that focuses on providing door-to-door transport for people who would otherwise find it difficult to get out and about. A huge factor in reducing the quality of life for elderly and disabled people is not being able to get around. Many cannot afford taxis or reach buses and have […]

Wiltshire Public Transport Cuts, December 2021

Through trains from London to Trowbridge and Bradford-on-Avon are being withdrawn next month. The direct service to Warminster is being reduced to just one a day. Other service reductions by both South Western Railway and Great Western Railway next month effect Tisbury, Grateley, Salisbury, Dilton Marsh and Westbury. Most of the trains withdrawn have been […]