30mph speed limit sign

Speed Indicator Device ( Top of Firs Road ) December 2021

Data Retrieved from the sign between 4th and 16th December 2021

The graph below shows the average speeds over a 12 day period

Incoming represents cars from the A30 driving into Firsdown

Outgoing is leaving Firsdown toward the A30







Average speed (mph)



Max recorded speed (mph)



Total vehicles during the period



The speed at which 85% of vehicles were traveling below (mph)





Christmas waste and recycling collections and Household Recycling Centre opening times

Waste and recycling collection dates will not change over the Christmas and New Year period, as waste collection crews will be working as normal on Bank Holidays Monday 27 December, Tuesday 28 December 2021, and Monday 3 January 2022.

Garden waste collections will stop for two weeks over the festive period. The last collections will take place on Friday 24 December and they will restart on Monday 10 January 2022.

Residents can check their waste, recycling and garden waste collection online at
Waste collection calendar – Wiltshire Council.

Household recycling centres

Household recycling centre (HRC) opening times and dates will change over the Christmas and New Year period and residents are advised to check online before visiting: Household recycling centres (HRCs) – Wiltshire Council.

HRCs that normally open on Fridays will be open on Christmas Eve, 24 December, from 10am but will close at 1pm.

All HRCs will be closed on Saturday 25 December, Sunday 26 December and Saturday 1 January 2022.

Other than on these dates, the centres will open as normal on their specified opening days.


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CTSW-Community Transport South Wiltshire

CTSW is an established Salisbury charity that focuses on providing door-to-door transport for people who would otherwise find it difficult to get out and about.

A huge factor in reducing the quality of life for elderly and disabled people is not being able to get around. Many cannot afford taxis or reach buses and have no other means of transport available.

CTSW provides a lifeline and helps relieve the loneliness and isolation of those unable to get out and about from their homes. CTSW makes it possible for them to do the things that most of us take for granted, trips to the shops, an appointment at the hairdressers, the doctors or simply visiting family and friends.
Without CTSW, many people would be confined to their homes. The majority of people we help are elderly, frail, or disabled, we always endeavor to help anyone in genuine need.

CTSW operates a variety of scheduled ‘Shopper Bus’ routes, within Salisbury and surrounding rural areas, no route is the same each day. Most routes are weekly.

All our services are personalised, we collect you from your home, help you on the bus and make sure you are secure in your seat.

For more information refer to the attached leaflet or contact details are listed below

If you are interested in using our Shopper
Buses or any other service we provide,
pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly staff who will be pleased to discuss your needs.
Call CTSW on 01722 414 566


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Download: CTSW - 2. Shopper Leaflet v4 (1 MB)

Wiltshire Public Transport Cuts, December 2021

Through trains from London to Trowbridge and Bradford-on-Avon are being
withdrawn next month. The direct service to Warminster is being reduced to
just one a day. Other service reductions by both South Western Railway and
Great Western Railway next month effect Tisbury, Grateley, Salisbury, Dilton
Marsh and Westbury. Most of the trains withdrawn have been very busy and
offer through journey opportunities, journey time choices and crowd-busting
capacity into Clapham Junction and Waterloo, into Bath Spa and Bristol, and
on journeys within the county. For example, seven services are lost from
Salisbury to Warminster and on via Westbury, each day.

There has been no consultation on the changes. and a strong letter of
protest has been sent formally by Wiltshire Council amongst many other
complainants, who see this as a perverse step. It’s an odd thing to do at a
time when people should be encouraged to use greener public transport in
lieu of private cars where appropriate. With Wiltshire’s Bus Service
Improvement Plan looking to improve connections from the buses (which
provide a lifeline in many of our parishes) into our trains, it’s not much
good if the trains people want are not there!

If this affects you even at this 11th hour please write to your MP. There is
a template letter at http://www.passenger.chat/mpletter.html .

There is also, a petition running at
https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/598397.  We have over 6,000
signatures already and the depth of feeling is being noticed.

We only found out about the cuts from deep inside a document from another
area, about plans for 2023 which said services from our area would be gone
by then and were not up for discussion! A Freedom of Information answered
last month, last month shows an internal decision on minimal data and has
large sections redacted.  They would appear to refer to other services under
the threat, but we don’t know which they are. Whilst there ARE services that
could cease to run, it would be a dangerous precedent to allow them to go
without local input – so even if you and your parish are not directly
affected by this current cut, please consider signing to help us avoid an
easy precedent being set for the culling of train and bus services at the
behest of “Whitehall”.

There’s much more information available online at http://www.passenger.chat
and an up-to-date (well, yesterday!) summary at
http://waterloo.savethetrain.org.uk/stat_20211122.pdf .

And, thank you, for giving this matter your attention.

* Co-ordinating on behalf of six rail user groups
* Vice Chair Melksham Transport User Group


Information on how your GP practice is working now

Your GP practice has been open throughout the pandemic with everyone working hard to continue to
provide services.

Attached is a leaflet providing you with more information on how GP Practices are working today


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Suggestions for your Medicine Cabinet

Is your medicine cabinet stocked up?
Painkillers Rehydration Salts? take a look at the attached leaflet for more information


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30mph speed limit sign

SID ( Speed Indicator Device)

The information/data below and attached has been downloaded from the “NEW” permanent Speed Indicator sign in the village, it provides a useful guide to the average and excessive speed of vehicles traveling through Firsdown 

For the first 4 weeks, the incoming direction is towards the A30, and for the next 3 weeks until today (15th October 2021), the incoming is towards Great Croft.

The headlines are:

1.      Max (depending on direction) average speed is 28.61mph (slightly lower than for the other SID locations).

2.      Max speed is 64/71 mph depending on direction. We have seen similar speeds on the other SID. Our SID will detect vehicles as far as the farm gate position, around house 120 Firs Rd, in the A30 direction.

3.      There are some vehicles coming round the bend from Great Croft at over 60mph. Although this seems to be mostly evening time, on 16th Sept a vehicle was logged coming from the Great Croft direction at 65.52mph at 1346 in the afternoon.

4.      85% of vehicles are traveling under 33mph.

5.      Approximately 65 vehicles per hour pass the sign in either direction.


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Download: Firs Road SID 280821_151021 (881 KB)
grass silage harvest transport

Grass Cutting (Roman Road-BOAT)

Grass cutting in the field known as the BOAT/Roman Road has been delayed due to fuel shortages, but we are now hoping that the field will be cut in the two weeks following the 22nd of October, Winter hedge cutting is also being scheduled ( Hedge cutting season runs to the 28th February )


Firsdown Parish Council ( Picnic Bench )

Firsdown Parish Council would like to know your opinion regarding installing  a Picnic Bench in or on a newly extended part of the Children’s Play Area ( Park )

We would like you to click on the  link underneath and simply answer one of three questions

Please do take the time to answer our survey your response is important to us

Thank you


drawing colored house plan conceptn pencil concept 151418852

Firsdown Parish Council ( Extra-Ordinary Planning Meeting ) Thursday 16th September

RE: 6 Firs Road Firsdown SP5 1SF: Consultation – PL/2021/07895

There will be an Extra-Ordinary Planning Meeting to be held at Winterslow Village Hall

Below is a link to the relevant planning page – click on the Documents tab for the full suite of documents


The meeting is in the Main Hall from 19:00 – 21:00, “All Are Welcome”



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Download: Agenda Ex Ord Sept 2021 (116 KB) Download: DRAFT Ex Ord FPC Minutes Sept 2021 (83 KB) Download: Appendix to EX Ord FPC Minutes Sept 2021 (202 KB)