Virgin Media road sign

Virgin Media

Contractors working on behalf of Virgin Media have started to install new infrastructure in Firsdown. The timetable of work is below. Work takes place in approximately 100 yard sections along the pavement on one side of the road, before continuing on the opposite side. Each 100-yard section takes approximately 3 days. Day 1 – diamond saw cutting of pavement surface, day 2 – excavation of a trench, duct install, and backfill, day 3 – reinstatement of tarmac surface.

Inevitably there will be dust and noise associated with these works. Access to driveways will be maintained with bridging plates across uncompleted work. Residents are asked to park their cars clear of the work sections by 0800 each morning.

Great Croft                         29th April – 15th May

Firs Close                             7-24th May

Maple Drive                       14th May – 3rd June

Juniper Road                      24th May -13th June

Ilynton Avenue                 31st May – 7th June

Firs Road                              7th June – 11th July

Firsdown Defibrillator

Firsdown Defibrillator

The Parish Council have adopted telephone kiosk on Firs Rd from Openreach, and have funded the installation of a defibrillator provided by the Community Heartbeat Trust.

A defibrillator is used to support a patient in Cardiac Arrest with the aim of increasing their chances of survival.

You don’t need a be a paramedic to use the defibrillator – it can be used by anyone without the need for training.

The local ambulance service know of the location of the defibrillator in Firsdown.

In an emergency dial 999, if the emergency operator believes the patient is suffering from the symptoms of a cardiac arrest, they will provide the code to unlock the defibrillator, and provide instructions for its use.