The Firsdown Music Festival – FirsFest 2017

Firsfest 2017 was a great success enjoyed by everyone a few images from Saturday 19th August


A Big Thank You To All

We now have all the results from the Great British Spring Clean.

Our thanks to all those that took part and the support of idverde that provide much of the community equipment.

Thousands of Wiltshire residents took part in more than 140 litter picking events for the Great British Spring Clean this weekend.

From 3-5 March 142 events were held across the county as more than 3,200 volunteers of all ages took part with 3025 bags of rubbish collected a total of 18 tonnes.

The events followed and exceeded last year’s success of Clean for the Queen to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday in which Wiltshire was second only to London in the amount of litter collected. Last year 1,500 volunteers took part in more than 70 litter picks with 14 tonnes of rubbish collected.

Wiltshire Council supported communities by helping them register their events on the Great British Spring Clean website for the weekend and delivering litter picking equipment where required. Wiltshire Council contractor Idverde collected all the bags of litter in a one-off collection following the events.


Since the last Firsdown Council Meeting in April the following has been completed

  1. The bridleway crossing the Roman Road beyond Gorden Peters bungalow has been cleared westward at Gordon’s request and eastward to the point where the Monarchsway turns left into the field, near the Mobile Phone Mast.
  2. The Monarchsway footpath down the dip and up to stables next to Clearway garage has been cleared.
  3. The vegetation on the other side of the A30 where the Monarchsway crosses inside the kissing gate has been cleared.
  4. Waymarking posts have been installed at intervals along the circular walk (along the Roman Road and across the top field to the A30 bus shelter area) and on the Monarchsway to clarify both routes to visitors, walkers, and new Firsdown residents.
  5. A recycled post has been installed at the junction of the path from Gorden Peters bungalow and the Roman Road with his permission.


Clear all Parish Rights of Way from play area north to A30, perhaps beyond if we can get volunteers. Play area east to Dunstable needs to be agreed. We hope to discourage wheeled traffic from exercising their rights by keeping the path at pedestrian width.

  1. As volunteers we have no obligation to clear the Roman Road (Byway Open to All Traffic) and bridleway for traffic and horses and intend to keep those routes clear only for walkers.
  2. Install a recycled post next to the play area to attach a circular walk finger sign.
  3. Replace the stile on the “Monarch’s Way” where it crosses the fence just down from the mobile phone mast and opposite side with a galvanised gate and a couple of steps.